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Critical mineral future

Our Mission

GreenMet Innovation enables economies of scale for the production of critical minerals and metals. Energy transition targets, manufacturing needs, and regulatory uncertainty have created challenging conditions and strained supply chains. GreenMet Innovation explores new and adaptive ways to de-risk mining projects and create value in every step of the supply chain.

By lending industry and technical expertise to critical mineral companies of any size, GreenMet Innovation is accelerating the growth of the industry by bolstering production in North America to meet an exponential rise in demand. With decades of collective experience, we partner with project sponsors, mine owners and technology leaders to advance projects from conception to completion to create an unshakeable domestic supply.


Emerging technology incubation

We bring the critical minerals industry into the 21st century by fostering advancements in new technologies and supporting client projects from conception to completion.

Supply chain alignments

GreenMet Innovation facilitates partnerships across the entire critical minerals supply chain, connecting producers, processors, manufacturers and more to optimize flow.

Innovative solution validation

We use our cross-industry expertise to provide strategic recommendations for clients that can be applied across the critical mineral industry to improve the efficiency, environmental impact and economics of a U.S. supply chain.

A Strong, Secure and Unshakable Supply Chain


Extracting mineral containing material (ore) from the earth, or occasionally other sources such as tailings or waste piles.


Processing mined ore to separate the valuable minerals from the waste, often resulting in the production of a “concentrate.”


Removing impurities from concentrates after processing and rendering the contained minerals into a relatively pure state for commercial application.


Purifying metals, including in the “processing” or “refining” stage, and forming alloys.


Fabricating the metals and alloys into components or finished goods.

Final Product

Electric Vehicles

Smart Phones


Semiconductor Chips




Founder and CEO

Ned Mamula

Chief Geologist

Josh Tuohy

Chief Operating Officer

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